What is necessary for an adequate children's playground?

What is necessary for an adequate children's playground?

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    Today, much more care is taken during the construction, or reconstruction, of children's playgrounds, whether they are private playgrounds in the backyards, or playgrounds for children placed on some of the public areas. Although we often do not think about the conditions that a children's playground should meet, a precise plan and an even more precise construction are needed. The mentioned plan is guided by some imperatives that it would be desirable to follow. What is necessary for an adequate children's playground?


    Age appropriate playground

    If it is a children's playground to which children of different ages have access, it is necessary to take care that the playground has content for all the mentioned ages, that is, stages of motor development. A slide that is too high will mean nothing to three-year-olds, while low-set seesaws will be frowned upon by ten-year-olds. Expert consultation will help in order to set up adequate devices.

    A wide range of devices

    Of course, the content of a playground depends on its size, and often on the allocated finances, but that is precisely why it is necessary to incorporate several types of content. It is necessary to take into account how much space each of the devices takes up, but also how much space is taken up by the children who spend time around the device. If the playground is overcrowded, there will be inevitable injuries.

    Children playground

    A safer space

    In addition to the fact that each piece of equipment must be approved for children's use, the entire playground must be safe. Sometimes, on playgrounds, children gather independently of the devices installed. They throw the ball, play tricks, hide-and-seek, and often fall. In order for falls not to be extremely painful, recently, rubber surfaces or rubber boards are increasingly used for the surface of children's playgrounds. Eco System produces this type of rubber plates. Their dimensions are easily adaptable, whether it is a smaller private playground, or a larger area where a large number of children will play.

    The durability of the playground itself

    We cannot influence the condition of the devices that are used every day, but we can make sure that, at least, the "floor" of the playground does not lose its shine after a few weeks. By choosing Eco System rubber plates, you are choosing a long-lasting surface that is resistant to certain mechanical damage, but also large and frequent temperature fluctuations. Another bonus - since it is rubber there will be no slipping. One of the most important features that enables durability is easy cleaning, which makes rubber plates, once again, a great choice.



    Products intended for children's use are mostly cheerful colors, or the design itself is adapted to their perception and their imagination. In order for the playground not to look boring and dull, brightly colored devices are usually chosen. However, did you know that the surface of the playground does not have to be dark and uniform? Eco System rubber plates are produced in various dimensions and colors, while there are also special rubber plates created just for children's playgrounds, which will beautify and brighten up any space with their appearance. Don't worry, even if they are exposed to the sun, rain, or frost, these foundations do not fade, so the selected shades will remain vibrant and intense for a long time.

    Taking into account all the above characteristics, we, adults, are responsible for creating a safe space for children to play and play. If the children's playground meets all standards, children will enjoy it safely, and they will return to the playground with a smile, creating beautiful and valuable memories.