Why is it necessary to recycle old tires?

Why is it necessary to recycle old tires?

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    If your activity is not closely related to the automotive industry, you probably have no idea about the composition of an ordinary car tire. Each tire appears to be of homogeneous composition, and as if its manufacturing process requires simple molds that have been the same for decades. However, that is not true. Car tires consist of over 200 ingredients of the most diverse origin and composition. You're probably wondering why anyone would go through the process of recycling such a complex product. The answer is simple - by recycling old tires, we make a huge effort, but that effort pays off for us many times over, in many ways.



     Which tires are suitable for recycling?

    The shortest answer is - all tires that are pneumatic. All passenger vehicles have this type of tire, and these tires are, to put it simply, filled with air. However, not every tire reaches the recycling point. This requires a well-organized recycling network, which includes individuals and legal entities, that are ready, and environmentally aware enough, to accept tire recycling as a routine. There are also larger facilities, such as tire factories, which are responsible for large amounts of waste. The path of a tire to any recycling center is different, but the goal is always the same - to extend the life of the tire by processing it and turning it into a new product.

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    What do we get from recycling?

    Sometimes an identical product is made from a recycled product - such as e.g. bottles, while sometimes unexpected things are made, such as sneakers. Eco System does not go that far, but it processes tires in such a way that first processing produces fine rubber granules, while the final results are rubber plates, elements that help the installation of rubber plates, as well as rubber wheels. Rubber panels are used as floor coverings for indoor and outdoor spaces, such as fitness centers, children's playgrounds, and spaces with similar purposes. While rubber wheels can be mounted on almost any piece of furniture, but they are mostly used for various types of containers. Recycling in the Eco System tire processing plant has been going on since 2017, and despite the colorful application of the product spectrum, the future holds a potential expansion of the assortment.

    What are the reasons for recycling?

    The most important question is left for the very end. Although it has already been mentioned, the recycling process itself requires modern technology, a team of experts, knowledge, skill, and experience, but the results of that process are worth every effort. We reduce the possibility of polluting the natural environment, and we get a top quality product. Discarded tires take up a lot of space. That is why they are most often thrown by the side of the road, or at the very exit from a populated place. They are often disposed of in already existing wild landfills, where, in addition to tires, waste of various conditions and compositions can be found. This is precisely why there is always an additional risk of fire, which, when it comes to tires, can have extremely negative polluting effects. Burning rubber emits smoke, which contains dioxins and furans. These are toxic compounds that have a negative health effect on people, and an extremely harmful effect on the environment. In addition, they can have an increased carcinogenic effect. Through the atmosphere, dioxin "enters" plants, which are consumed by animals, and accumulates in their organisms. In addition to its toxicity, dioxin is difficult to dissolve, that is, to decompose, so that, in addition to the soil and air, it can also be found in water. By burning tires, in addition to, first of all, atmospheric pollutants, we also get liquid pollutants, which penetrate directly into the ground, and there is always a danger that they will come into contact with groundwater.


    Considering the amount of discarded tires each year, it is clear why their recycling is a necessary activity. The Eco System company recognized the importance of recycling, but also the importance of the quality of the product that is created by recycling. By choosing Eco System products, you support recycling, protect the environment, and in return you get a product that lasts a long time, is made according to the highest global standards, is resistant to most damages, and does not lose its visual appeal.