Children's playgrounds ( butterfly )

    If you decide to equip your playground with recycled rubber tiles, rest assured that this tile will not only provide safety for our youngest ones, but will also give the entire space a much nicer aesthetic look.

    Size: 400 x 400
    Thickness: 60mm

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       Experience taught us that recycled rubber tiles are the best solution for children's playgrounds, as they protect our youngest from serious injuries, are soft, durable, made of the safest materials, and have antibacterial and fire-retardant properties. Sometimes there can be dangerous foreign objects on children's playgrounds that get there in various ways.

      When it comes to rubber tiles, they do not retain such particles, which can be easily removed by ordinary cleaning. These substrates are also an ecological choice, and you may not have known that they are made of rubber granulate and polyurethane, they are resistant to UV radiation, they are resistant to all weather conditions and are not easily flammable, so they meet safety standards. They are installed on a pre-prepared base, which can be concrete, asphalt or in cases with a thickness of more than 40 mm, you can use a well-compacted crushed stone -. They are made in different colours, shapes and thicknesses from 30mm to 80mm.

      All our programs contain TUV certificates issued by the Rheinland Institute.

      Application type
      Butterfly (400 × 400)


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