The scourge of the 21st century - environmental pollution

The scourge of the 21st century - environmental pollution


    Although we all have an idea of what ecology is, we often lose sight of how enormous its influence is on the life of people today. Its main goal is to study the relationship of living beings to the environment, as well as vice versa. If we behave inappropriately towards our environment, it is common sense to assume that we ourselves will feel the consequences. It should not be your main motive for responsible behavior, but it is certainly serve as good guidance.

    In the 21st century, pollution is at its peak. We cannot influence some pollutants, but if we act locally, each individual can help create and maintain a healthier environment. Thus, we can choose organically grown food, avoid so-called fast fashion, dispose of garbage in designated bins (with a focus on recycling), compost if we are able, and choose more consciously which products we buy. If we choose recycled products, we will greatly help to maintain such a way of production, which, in the age of hyperproduction, we desperately need.


    Without thinking, we ourselves contribute to the deterioration of the ecological situation. With excessive consumption of electricity, as well as irrational consumption of water, we affect the increased need for these two extremely important sources of life. More precisely, we could live without electricity, although its disappearance would require a restart of the modern world, but without water, life is not possible. Although the connection between dwindling supplies of drinking water and our consumerism is not so obvious - all low-quality products require even more production, and therefore the consumption of the mentioned resources.

    In order for the planet to survive, and for us to survive, we need to start thinking about our choices and our contribution. To begin with, we can assess whether the planned purchase is really necessary, as well as what we are buying. By buying from environmentally conscious companies, we will act environmentally conscious ourselves and, at least a little bit, help the general condition of our planet.


    Eco System - environmentally responsible company

    One of the companies that is guided by environmentally oriented values is the Eco System company. The primary activity of this company is the recycling of old tires. In just one year, around 250 million tires are thrown away in Europe. Some of them end up in warehouses, but some of them end up buried, thrown into rivers, or left on the side of the road. In addition to the creation of illegal landfills, huge amounts of raw materials are lost, that can be given a new purpose by recycling. That's why the Eco System company focused on recycling and creating a couple of products with a wide range of uses.

    Tire recycling

    A product that stands out for its durability and top quality are rubber plates. They are resistant to slipping, minor mechanical damage, as well as frost. These are elastic rubber plates made of recycled rubber that do not fade, and withstand temperature fluctuations without consequences. You can use these panels indoors or outdoors, for small or large areas. Eco System produces both corners and so-called anchors, so that these panels fit easily and, in no time, you get a floor to your liking. In addition to rubber plates, there are also rubber wheels, which can also be used in various situations, and thanks to the raw material from which they are made, they have similar properties to rubber plates.



    The focus of the Eco System company is quality. Quality ensures that products are long-lasting despite the fact that they are made from recycled materials. In this way, the Eco System company makes a double effort keeping in mind, if not one of the most important goals of the 21st century, which is the preservation of the environment. Once you buy an Eco System product, you won't have to change it in a few months, which will help reduce the overproduction of low-quality substrates. On the other hand, the Eco System company recycles tires, which would probably end up in some improvised landfill, polluting the planet, both visually and from a biological, i.e. ecological, point of view.