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One of the main problems facing the modern world is environmental pollution and it is one of the main challenges facing the world today.

EcoSystem is a factory for recycling old tires, producing rubber granules and producing recycled rubber products. Our production facility is equipped with modern machines.

We produce elastic floor panels from recycled rubber, as well as wheels for various types of containers also made from recycled tires.

eco system

EKO-SYSTEM is a branch of the company Plava Frajla doo, which was founded in 2014 in Novi Sad. Our company produces new products from old discarded tires such as playground mats, fitness mats, wheels for buckets and containers. We also plan to expand the range of recycled rubber products. The possibilities are endless here.

Since 2017, the company Eko System has had its own tire recycling plant. Which means that we have an absolutely closed circle of recycling. Recycled rubber can, by changing its shape, get a new "chance at life" through countless other products. By applying new technologies, "Eco-system" closes the circle, so waste can be reused.

EKO-SYSTEM is the only factory in Serbia that has machines for the production of finished products from recycled rubber produced by the world giant in this field, the Italian company SALVADORI. We can proudly say that we are the factory with the largest production capacity of recycled rubber products. The quality of our products is awarded by European standards EN 1176-1:2008 and EN 1177: 2008.

The plant has the most modern technology and equipment in its production process, which is at the world level. This technology achieves a high quality product that meets all world standards, it is also of great importance for the protection of the environment, and thus for the entire social community. The production plant for the production of the final product consists of: Line for the production of granules, Line for the production of plates, Line for the production of rubber wheels.