Our main field of work is recycling.


Tire recycling methods are used in many countries. It is estimated that around 250,000,000 waste tires are generated in Europe each year. Over the years, new quantities of tires have been added to the billions stored or buried in landfills, as well as countless millions found in illegal places, warehouses and fields around the world. Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown in the trash, with the goal of creating a new product. Although it seems like a simple concept, reality is a little different. The benefits of recycling play a key role in the future of our planet and the preservation of our environment. Let's begin with what we can do to protect it:

1. With recycling, we reduce the consumption of natural resources

2. By recycling, we protect the natural habitats of our flora and fauna

3. Recycling reduces water pollution

4. Recycling saves energy

5. Less garbage in landfills are just some of the many benefits of recycling.

Recent research has contributed to the discovery of many new products and applications derived from recycled tires. Municipal and industrial waste management traditionally consists of collection, followed by disposal. Today, it is generally accepted that society must move towards options that are more oriented towards preserving the environment. Solutions that contribute to this are reducing waste and increasing the amount of material that can be reused.

Main production lines in our factory

Rubber tile production line

The tile production line produces tiles from rubber granules that are used as a base layer in parks, playgrounds and various other public areas. Using one mold from this line, tiles are produced in the following dimensions and quantities:

1 piece 1.000 x 1.000 mm
2 pieces 1.000 x 500 mm
4 pieces 500 x 500 mm
The obtained thicknesses of these tiles is 40 - 60 - 80 mm

Podne ploče

The materials used:

1. rubber granulate - obtained by mechanical recycling of waste tires
2. polyurethane glue - which is a high quality artificial material (elastomer) that gives the finished

product the following: physical characteristics - strength, wear resistance, elasticity, chemical characteristics - resistant to water and aging, then biological properties - resistance to microorganisms.

 Rubber wheel production line

The rubber wheels are made of recycled rubber granulate in the colour black and are tested according to the EN840 standard. At the customer's request, they can also be in non-standard colors.

The wheels do not create noise during use, do not damage industrial floors, wooden floors, ceramics and textile bases. They perform well on uneven surfaces and are resistant to sharp surfaces, glass, metal and wood objects.
Our wheels are now spinning all over Europe, from England, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia to Eastern European countries.

Proizvodnja gumenih točkova

Our most important goal is that the treatment of waste tires continues to produce final products that
contribute to:

1. The protection and improvement of the environment
2. The protection of the health of the human population
3. Increasing public awareness of the need to recycle secondary raw materials

Our well-designed product range is just one of the company's comparative advantages.
Commitment to the highest quality products is one of the basic principles of our business.


Rubber granulate is formed in the process of mechanical crushing of waste of automobile and cargo tires.
It is completely safe for the environment. Painted granulate does not release harmful substances during use. It is used for various purposes, both for sport fields and paths as well as for gardens. One of the most widespread applications is the use as a base for artificial grass.
In this way, it prolongs the period of use of the field, achieving greater comfort and stability during the game.


Granulate allows artificial grass to stand upright and gives it a natural look. When used with natural grass it accelerates the supply of oxygen to the roots and has the function of better drainage during precipitation.

Be part of the team, join us in saving the planet earth.